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01/21/2018Reverend Doug Knight The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven
Matthew 13:4-7
Download Doug_Knight_-_1-21-18_-_The_Kingdom_of_God_The_Kingdom_of_Heaven.mp3
01/14/2018Reverend Doug Knight The Kingdom of God
Matthew 13
Download Doug_Knight_-_1-14-18_--_The_Kingdom_of_God.mp3
01/07/2018Reverend Doug Knight The Lord's Supper
1 Corinthians 11
Download Doug_Knight_--_1-7-18_--_The_Lord_s_Supper.mp3
12/31/2017Reverend Doug Knight New Year with Old Recipe
Philippians 3
Additional scripture from Luke 13
Download Doug_Knight_-_12-31-17_--_New_Year_with_Old_Recipe.mp3
12/24/2017Reverend Doug Knight The Heart of Christmas
Matthew 1:16
Download Doug_Knight_--_12-24-17_AM_service_--_The_Heart_of_Christmas.mp3
12/24/2017Reverend Doug Knight Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
2 Corinthians 4:3-6
Download Doug_Knight_-_Sunday_12-24-17_candlelight_service.mp3

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