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07/14/2019Reverend Doug Knight What is Righteousness?
Romans 12:1-2
Download Doug_Knight_--_What_is_Righteousness_--_7-14-19.mp3
07/07/2019Reverend Doug Knight Wonder Working Power!
1 Thessalonians 1:5
Download Doug_Knight_--_Wonder_Working_Power_--_7-7-2019.mp3
06/30/2019Reverend Doug Knight Freedom Forever
Psalms 146
Download Doug_Knight_--_Freedom_Forever_--_6-30-2019.mp3
06/23/2019Reverend Doug Knight Pilgrims on Earth
Hebrews 11:13
Download Doug_Knight_--_Pilgrims_on_Earth_--_6-23-2019.mp3
06/16/2019Reverend Doug Knight To The Father
Matthew 6:9-13
Father's Day sermon. Initial prayer, in Espanol, by Spanish Pastor Sami Badillo.
Download Doug_Knight_--_6-16-19_--_To_The_Father.mp3
06/09/2019Reverend Doug Knight Twelve hundred Sixty Three Years Later and Nothing Has Changed
Acts 13
Download Doug_Knight_--_Twelve_Hundred_Sixy_Three_Years_Later_and_Nothing_has_Changed_--_6-9-19.mp3

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