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07/16/2017Pastor Shaun Miles Praise Him
Luke 19:37-40
Additional Scripture is Ephesians 1:3-14
Download Shaun_Miles_--_7-16-17(1).mp3
07/09/2017Pastor Shaun Miles Going With God
Psalms 18:29
Download Shaun_Miles_--_7-9-2017.mp3
07/02/2017Pastor Terry Pope It's all about the boat.
Matthew 8:23 - 27 & various other
Download Terry_Pope_-_7-2-2017_-_edited.mp3
06/25/2017Pastor Scott Fleming Be Salty and Bright
Matthew 5:13-16
Download Scott_Fleming_-_sermon_closing_prayer_-_6-25-17_--_edit_1.mp3
06/18/2017Pastor Art Eaton The Greatest Dad Ever
1 John 3:1-3
Download Art_Eaton_-_opening_prayer_and_sermon_-_edited.mp3
06/11/2017Pastor Conrad Westbrook The Danger of Looking Back
Luke 9:52
Download Conrad_Westbrook_-_6-11-2017_--_edited.mp3

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