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05/26/2019Reverend Don Dalton The Most Powerful Force In The Universe
John 21:12-19
Due to microphone problems there is no sermon recording; the media team leader gives his sincere apology for this. Reverend Dalton delivered a wonderful & powerful sermon on the most powerful force -- Love. Please refer to John 21:12-19 for the scripture used in his sermon. We all give our sincere appreciation to Reverend Dalton for this message today. Additionally, we of our church express our heartfelt sorrow and acknowledgment to those who Memorial Day is in honor of.
Download No_recorded_sermon.MP3
05/19/2019Reverend Doug Knight A Sense of History
1 Corinthians 10:1-13
Download Doug_Knight_--_5-19-2019_--_TBD.mp3
05/12/2019Shaun Miles Who God Uses
Please excuse the squeal from microphone feedback.
Download Shaun_Miles_--_5-12-2019_--_Who_God_Uses.mp3
05/05/2019Reverend Doug Knight God Provides
1 Kings 17:13
Download Doug_Knight_--_5-4-2019_--_God_Provides.mp3
04/28/2019Spanish Pastor Sami Badillo The First Church - A Model To Follow
Acts 2:42-47
Sermon PowerPoint.ppt Download Sermon PowerPoint.ppt
Download Sami_Badillo_--_4-28-19_--_The_First_Church_a_model_to_follow.mp3
04/21/2019Reverend Doug Knight Easter Sunrise Service -- 2019
Selected Scriptures
Download Easter_Sunrise_Service_--_2019.mp3

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